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作为专业机构,Media Trooper为数字媒体设计和生产。使用Trooper Tools,我们的客户节省更多的时间和预算。

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Marketing Meets Technology

Everybody's talking about it, we deliver. Cloud, Big Data, Apps, Software-As-A-Service, Virtual Reality, A. I. in marketing. All our projects have something special, and we ensure this with outstanding technology. Only the best technology is the most efficient. Marketing becomes measurable with us and shows in real time sales that have been made.

More budget thanks to efficiency

Our Trooper Tools

Already practising it for over 12 years, now we officially say it: Our service is praised for our own Trooper Tools. A lot of standard software is available, but that is not enough in our mind. Only with Trooper Tools in the cloud we can achieve maximum efficiency at minimum cost. Thus, our customers remain independent from third parties as much as possible.

No double work

User centrated thinking

The focus is on it pullthe user, therefore our projects are based on learned and common market standards for conception, design and programming. With our efforts you can look forward to a relaxed future and grow.

Enterprise Ready

Inhouse Specialists

We at Media Trooper concentrate digital specialists in one place. That's why we deliver fast, accurate and cost-efficiant digital "gems" each day to our clients.

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Trooper.AI is making you're marketing intelligent. Take our competence in pushing your digital business with data driven analytics and machine learning. Let's create a great next user experience!

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With our proven data collection framework POS Trooper, we turn every sales team, every promotion campaign and every point-of-sale activation into a digital experience for everyone involved. Rediscover your points of sale. Simply collect key figures yourself instead of purchasing expensive and outdated data.

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